From our production series to a fully customized cab, let us help you find the right fit for your rig.



The BR212 is our Flagship production model and for good reason. Manufactured to our exact specs by the same shop used by some of the biggest names in guitar & bass amplification, The USA Standard BR212 is an oversized 2x12, dressed up for any occasion. Loaded with two 75w Celestion Creambacks, there is plenty of power handling to go around.

Options: Choose your preferred Ohm rating and back panel preference of Closed, Open or the upgrade option to receive both panels for different live/recording situations.



There is no right or wrong in regards to specs and materials used when it comes to creating anything. We're all for experimentation and helping you get YOUR sound. With that said, we pride ourselves on using high quality building materials, parts and speakers for all of our builds. Click the button below to check out how we can help you customize your rig.


The “Antilles” Wedge

Designed for the Modeler crowd, this 250w (500w Program) handling FRFR wedge will be available in both a powered and unpowered version. Made of 15mm voidless Baltic Birch and finished with metal hardware, this cab resonates like a normal guitar cabinet and weighs in at a mere 36lbs (unpowered).



Keith, the owner of Gravity Enclosures is a woodworker at heart and he loves to build household furniture when he's not building custom cabs. Often making trips to flea markets and yard sales, he gathers old wood and other assorted items that he will later cut apart and piece together as a boutique cabinet in whatever way suits his fancy. These quirky rustic pieces not only look great, but they make a wonderful sonic addition to any live rig, studio environment, or living room situation. Each Reclaimed cabinet will be different than the last making them all unique in their own way. Sign up for the newsletter and follow us on instagram for release news.