BR212B Celestion Loaded 2x12 Speaker Cabinet / Black

BR212B Celestion Loaded 2x12 Speaker Cabinet / Black

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The BR212 is our Flagship production model and for good reason. Manufactured to our exact specs by the same shop used by some of the biggest names in guitar & bass amplification, The USA Standard BR212 is an oversized 2x12, dressed up for any occasion. Loaded with your choice of two Celestion speakers and the optional rear panels, you decide how you want to be heard. Finished with all-metal hardware including recessed handles and a parallel input jack plate for daisy-chaining to other cabinets, the BR212 is ready for anything. *Speakers, wiring and input jacks are installed by our Custom Shop and then thoroughly tested.*

Options: Choose your speakers, preferred Ohm rating and your back panel preference of Closed, Open or the upgrade option to receive Both panels for different live/recording situations. Already have your own speakers? Choose the Unloaded option and we'll send you the cab wired up with everything you need to install the speakers yourself.


  • 13 Ply Baltic Birch
  • 2x Celestion Speakers (75w Creambacks, Neo Creambacks or Vintage 30's) wired for 4, 8 or 16ohm
  • Parallel Input Jacks for Daisy-Chaining multiple cabs
  • All metal hardware - Recessed side handles, jack plate & corners
  • Rubber feet
  • Dimensions - 17.5h x 30w x 14.25d